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“People support what they help create.” -Kurt Lewin
Agiri Learning Consultants provide customized professional learning services, coaching and strategic planning to schools, non-profits, and businesses.

We work with new leaders and their organizations to strategize and actualize their vision of success.

Strategic Planning and Implementation

Meeting Facilitation Small and Large Group

Team Building

Strategic Planning and Implementation

We help design and facilitate learning experiences that gets you asking and answering the right questions so you take strategic action for the best results. A true learning organization constantly considers these simple but important questions:

  • Where are we today?
  • Where do we want to be?
  • How do we get there?

Since purposeful planning involves both strategy and flexibility, we utilize innovative and collaborative planning methods such as Design Thinking and Action Learning to help you strategically plan and achieve optimal levels of success.

Meeting Facilitation

Small and Large Group
Well-conceived meetings are a crucial tool for the success of your organization. Unfortunately, many meetings lack purpose, contributing to perpetual frustration, wasted time, and resources. We know that your time is a precious commodity, so all your meetings need to yield powerful learning that moves your organization forward. We provide professional facilitation services that will make all your meetings engaging, fruitful, and purposeful for all who attend. We start by helping you assess the current quality of your meetings, determining what is and isn’t effective. We then work with you to plan and implement meetings so successful that they will leave all participants inspired and energized to act in alignment with your organizational goals.

Team Building

Do you have a true team, or just a group of people working together? Most organizations function adequately as a group, but great organizations are comprised of high-performance teams. We use a variety of individual and group assessment tools to help you evaluate your team’s strengths and effectiveness, to figure out what’s getting in the way of your success, and to determine how best to move forward. We help you build and maintain top-performing teams, because we believe that great teams make great organizations.

Instructional Coaching

Our certainty in your success is greater than your doubt.
Our coaching makes instruction meaningful and worthwhile for everyone in your school or organization.

Teacher Development

Collaborative Bridging

Academic Conversations

Common Core aligned Writing Instruction

Teacher Development

We know that teachers are as uniquely talented as the students they teach. Our strengths-based approach is structured to help teachers uncover, hone, and celebrate the competencies they already have in order to bridge skill gaps, meet standards, and push their students to higher levels of performance. We use unique tools like the Myers-Briggs Personality Assessment as a fun and innovative way to help teachers become more self-aware and engage in more reflective practice. By aligning the interests, talents, and goals of each instructor, we are able to bring out the best in teacher and student classroom performance.

Instructional Teams Collaborative Bridging

Teachers who work together are more likely to positively affect student learning and raise academic achievement. Our approach utilizes adult learning and constructivist theories to help schools implement effective structures that foster collaboration among their staff. True collaboration occurs when everyone feels ownership and responsibility for creating and sustaining positive school change. We engage teams in a series of active learning exercises that build trust, rapport, and goal alignment, resulting in collaborative work that moves your school forward.

Focal points include

  • Developing a school-wide vision of student learning and instruction.
  • Creating cultures of observation that encourages teacher growth.
  • Cultivating professional learning communities and inquiry groups.

Academic Conversations

Why are students in low-income schools given fewer opportunities to talk when they’re the ones who need it most? When students are given ample classroom time for conversation, not only does their confidence increase, they become better writers with more sophisticated ideas. We are committed to increasing opportunities for students to use conversation as a vehicle for learning. Classroom talk and academic conversations are essential to helping students develop strong literacy skills. We will guide you in developing lessons and practical structures that get your students talking to each other about learning. Our unique approach to cultivating meaningful and consistent student-driven discussion is largely based on Jeff Zwiers’ seminal Academic Conversation Framework and Liberating Structures.

Writing Instruction That Works

Writing isn’t just an academic endeavor; it actually has the potential to help students create possibilities and make changes in their own lives. Writing well is key to both academic and life success. Our approach is designed to help teachers create powerful learning experiences that get students to see themselves as actual writers. We value process-driven writing instruction that honors revision as an important way to enhance students’ overall writing abilities. We also believe that writing for authentic purposes increases student engagement with the process. We help teachers across all content areas to:

  • Develop Common Core (skill-based) aligned curricula
  • Create engaging writing routines and assessments that strengthen students’ comprehension and build their language skills
  • Develop a thorough understanding of how students learn to become writers
  • Create authentic assessments that help students see the power of writing to make changes in the real world
  • Provide students with targeted (rubric-based) feedback

Curriculum Development

Instead of preparing for an unknowable future, educators should strive to make students love learning now. We help design curriculum that engages students with their present so they create better futures.

Culturally Relevant Curriculum

Design Thinking

Culturally-Relevant Curriculum

How engaged are your students? Do they leave your classroom feeling energized and empowered to act in the world? We help schools see students’ abilities and cultural differences as strengths that can be used as a foundation for designing quality instruction and engaging lessons that make students want to learn.

Our culturally relevant curriculum process is designed for:

  1. Student academic success: All curricula—maps, units, and lessons—are standards-based, outlining key skills and strategies needed for student mastery.
  2. Cultural competence: We design with the student in mind, even going so far as to have teachers name a specific student to design curriculum for. This way, students’ prior knowledge, experiences, and skills heavily influence content creation.
  3. Critical thinking: Teachers design projects that enable students to take positive action in the real world.

Brain research has proven that when culture is used to design instruction, student engagement and performance increases. We work with you to create curricula that translates into better classroom instruction.

Design Thinking

When have you designed curriculum with students instead of for them? Imagine the impact of creating lessons with a particular student in mind? Design Thinking is a revolutionary approach to developing fresh and relevant solutions to complex problems and dilemmas. It involves a fun and collaborative five-step process that helps teachers get to the core of what’s needed to serve students and solve problems.

  1. Discovery: Understand the challenge by interviewing students, preparing research, and gathering inspiration.
  2. Interpretation: Extract meaning from your discovery by sharing with colleagues. Frame opportunities unearthed by the challenge.
  3. Ideation: Generate curriculum ideas and refine them collaboratively.
  4. Experiment: Make a prototype and get feedback.
  5. Evolution: Track your progress purposefully to modify your learning and ideas as you go along.

Popular Workshops

  • Personality Types and Work
    • Discover how your personality affects the ways you show up.
  • The Art of Building and Sustaining Strong Teams
    • Throug a series of purposeful experiential exercises, learn the components of a healthy team and many ways to improve performance.
  • Curriculum Mapping
  • Cultivating Academic Discourse (Conversation) in the Classroom

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