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In addition to schools, Agiri Learning Consultants now services a variety of organizations to help leaders and teams develop effective processes, structures and tools that supports actionable learning, collaboration and strategic attainment towards organizational goals. We use our education background to make sure learning stick in your organization as all of our services are informed by adult developmental learning theories.

We provide powerful learning experiences and practices that awaken clarity, excellence and positive transformation for our clients.  We help clients create environments that value diversity, equity, and inclusion to positively increase their local and global impact.  


In 2008, Maria Akinyele began her work as an instructional coach for inner-city schools after teaching high school history, a job that was close to her heart. Although she loved and continues to love teaching, she knew more students would benefit if she were able to share with educators throughout the Northeast those resources, pedagogical methods and instructional strategies that had made her a successful teacher.   She believes “teachers who constantly learn, create students who are constantly learning as well.”

While earning her Ph.D. in Urban Education, Maria closely studied research-based processes and structures that support high-quality professional development for educators, and instructional strategies that yield optimal results in classrooms. She also holds an Organizational Development Certificate from Georgetown University, allowing her to help leaders think deeply about the “how,” or the processes that cultivate great learning, to achieve the “what,” or the goals of their organizations.

After seeing how many schools regularly adopt quick fixes that leave both teachers and students feeling burnt out, isolated, disengaged, and confused, Maria’s consulting method has evolved into a two-step process. First she helps schools build community and organizational alignment between teachers and leaders, and then she works with both groups to foster collaboration and strategic action towards key instructional goals. This leads not only to students learning and achieving better scholastically but to everyone feeling more fulfilled in the learning environment, as well.

Why Choose Us

Our strongest desire is your success.
We know everything boils down to change; and we understand change is hard. We plan everything we do with this in mind.
We use proven strategies and techniques to get your specific organizational and/or instructional needs met.
Everything we do is based on our core values of trust, honesty, collaboration, connection, commitment, and joy.

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