Silent Majority versus Vocal Minority

As teachers or facilitators, we’ve all been there. We ask a question and the silence is just too much to bear. Someone please say something! We therefore either answer our own question or call on someone we know wants to answer. If we continue to only call on those who volunteer to talk, we run the risk of depending on … Read More

Why you need a pizza guy at your really important meetings.

Imagine: You and your team have spent the last 3 hours trying to create a plan to deal with a current challenge at your organization. Each team member has presented their best plan and yet nothing substantial in terms of a real solution as emanated from your discussion. You have two choices: Keep going in circles by recycling ideas and … Read More

3 ways to enhance Co-Teaching Relationships

Besides wanting to change the world, every teacher decides to become a teacher because they love autonomy! I want to be king or queen of my castle. Oops, I mean classroom. You can guess how a teacher who loves autonomy and freedom will respond to their principal saying, “Hey I would like you to co-teach with _________ this semester.” Don’t … Read More