Agiri Learning Consultants is an organizational development and instructional coaching firm. We believe that when people engage in supportive, positive, and meaningful learning processes, they perform better for themselves and for those around them. We believe in the power of learning to produce and sustain great people, who in turn make great organizations.

We work with new leaders and their organizations to strategize and actualize their vision of success. We partner with schools to cultivate learning experiences that yield great results for everyone—students and educators alike.


Leadership: You are a leader with a vision. You want to create and sustain effective changes that move your organization forward. Let us help manage change well.


Team Building: You want to build strong, collaborative, and effective teams that get results. Let us help you create the team you always wanted.


Learning: You want to engage people and help them learn in powerful ways that enhances productivity. Let us help you design strategic learning experiences.


Organizational Development

“People support what they help create.”
–Kurt Lewin

Instructional Coaching

“Our certainty in your success is greater than your doubt.”

Curriculum Development

“Education is not preparation for life, but life itself.” –John Dewey


With the best intent, most organizations focus solely on achieving outcomes at the expense of engaging people in supportive learning processes that are sustainable. For example, outcome driven schools might be successful for a while, but contribute heavily to teacher burnout and high turnover rates, adversely affecting student achievement in the long run. We help organizations and schools deliberately create structures and processes that facilitate process-driven and collaborative learning, allowing for healthier, happier and more productive school communities and places to work.

of teachers leave after 5 years because of burnout
of successful organizations value collaboration
of successful organizations and schools create sustaining learning processes that keeps them moving forward. We work to make change.


Working with Maria was a godsend for our school. At first, I was apprehensive about working with a learning consultant. “What if they had a different vision of what I wanted?” My first meeting with Maria entailed her really listening to my vision and helping me decided what important changes were needed for my school to move forward. She began with where we were at as the first step for taking us to where we needed to be at a school. I believe every school should work with an Agiri Learning Consultant.Kyleema Norman, Principal at Academy of Urban Planning
I knew our school needed to implement a new writing program but didn’t want it to be overwhelming for my teachers. Agiri helped me plan how to introduce this initiative the right way. We now have a school-wide writing program with 100% support from all teachers. Working with them has been an incredible experience. Stacey King, Principal, New Visions Math and Science Charter School
I’ve grown as an instructional leader since working with Agiri Learning Consultants. My teachers have benefitted from their instructional coaching and curriculum development sessions. Celeste Douglas, Principal, Ron Brown Academy
Constructive and collaborative are two words that describe the experience of attending a workshop facilitated by an Agiri Learning Consultant. I have sought their consultation for teambuilding and strategic planning; each session has been masterfully designed to cultivate shared understanding, synthesize big ideas, and to distill and make transparent the process elements for our future use. I can rely on Agiri Learning Consultants for a transformative learning experience for me and my staff.Tanya, Vice President, Turnaround for Children


When you invest in your success by partnering with us, you’re also helping to support organizations that are dedicated to providing opportunities for young people to grow and succeed, like Harlem Seeds and Pencils of Promise. Your success will have a ripple effect on the world.

Why Choose Us

Our strongest desire is your success.
We know everything boils down to change; and we understand change is hard. We plan everything we do with this in mind.
We use proven strategies and techniques to get your specific organizational and/or instructional needs met.
Everything we do is based on our core values of trust, honesty, collaboration, connection, commitment, and joy.

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